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Hopes for Action doom 3

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Action doom and Action doom 2 are awesome wads that take up a certain "style" of gameplay. Action doom had the style of contra, while action doom 2 had the style of double dragon. I think AD3 (Action doom 3) should take on the style of ninja gaiden. you would start off with a sword, but then get ninja stars, boomerang ninja stars, fire pillars, and that weapon which I forgot what it was. You would also get a sword upgrade occasionally. And the bosses would be like in the original ninja gaiden. That's it for now.

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The Next Action Doom should be a racing game with Gary Coleman clones everywhere and Postal 2 gameplay with fat chicks and chinese women eating up all our goddamned dogs while reading with their reading glass on.

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Last I remember, Scuba was waiting for an official ZDoom release before finishing, which has since been done. What's the hold up, then? :P


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