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how do I configure doom builder 2 to make the game load the next map in my wad when the player reaches the exit (or when a script executes 'exit_normal')?
I want the game to perform 100% automatic and load the next level in my custom pwad.

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pablogener said:

how do I configure doom builder 2 to make the game load the next map in my wad when the player reaches the exit

You don't.

So long as your maps are sequentially numbered, level progression should be handled automatically. Depending on your target port/s you can also use a MAPINFO lump (or similar) to set the order in which maps are played.

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You set your first map to, for example, MAP01, next one to MAP02 and then save it to one file by 'save map into'.

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ok, I get the sequential map naming convention. but I want my maps to have a 'cool name', something displayed to the player (in the automap, perhaps?) letting them know where they are. even though my maps would be named 'MAP01', 'MAP02', etc, so that they load one after the other, where do I set a 'cool name' giving the whole episode a development. I think map titles are an important part of level design. I looked into this mapinfo lump thingy... it's quite interesting, I was wondering if anybody has an example custom made mapinfo, to check out.
thanks to everyone on this forum, you guys are great and so helpful!
I hope one day I can give back at least a little.

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Here is the MAPINFO lump of a one-map WAD of mine:


episode NCM01 { name = "The Escape Teleporter" } // You might want to change "NCM01" to "MAP01"

map NCM01 "The Escape Teleporter" // You might want to change "NCM01" to "MAP01"
  levelnum = 1
  next = "EndGame1"
  secretnext = "EndGame1"
  cluster = 1
  music = "D_MM2"

cluster 1
  flat = "MFLR8_1"
  exittext = "Thanks for playing..."
If you want more information on any of the properties used there, consult these MAPINFO articles:

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thank you Blue Shadow, here's a few questions that come up from what you told me:
How would I elaborate on this, so that I have several sequenced maps one after the other, buildin up on that MAPINFO structure file?
I've kinda figure out the MAPINFO file has to be saved in text format but couldn't be sure. can you confirm?
NOw then, where to save this file? how to 'compile' it along in the pwad? does it just reside next to it? is it compressed 'in' the wad? please, tell me what to do!! :D

thanks for your help and your concern.

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Okay, I think there's a misunderstanding of some basics here.

There's a difference between a map name and a map slot. For example, the first map of Ultimate Doom has the map slot E1M1, but the map name 'Hangar'. Two different things.

Now, are you mapping for Ultimate Doom or Doom 2?

If you're mapping for Ultimate Doom, the map slot progression is E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, etc. Ultimate Doom has 4 episodes of 9 maps each, so the highest you can go is E4M9 while maintaining vanilla compatibility. Any of ExM9 entries though are for secret levels so they will be loaded out of order and ONLY if you include a secret level exit on the appropriate map slot for that episode. See this link:


Secret levels aside, as long as you have multiple maps in sequential slots within the same .wad the level switching will be done automatically.

If you're mapping for Doom 2, the map slot format is a bit simpler. MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, etc. all the way up to MAP32. MAP31 can only be reached by a secret exit on MAP15. MAP32 can only be reached from a secret exit on MAP31. Exiting MAP15, MAP31 or MAP32 without a secret exit will bring you to MAP16. Again, see the link above.

Now, for giving your levels names that you see on the intermission screen, those are actually controlled by graphics within the wad. Just make a replacement graphic that spells the name of your level instead of the level name normally associated with that map slot. Then load your custom graphic into your wad with the same lump name as the graphic you want to replace. Maybe someone else can provide a link if I haven't explained this clearly enough.

Lastly, changing the level name on the automap requires another method. The automap level names are hardcoded into the doom engine itself, so the only way to change them in vanilla doom is to create a dehacked patch that renames the levels. I haven't done this myself yet, so maybe someone else can elaborate. If you're mapping for a more modern source port like zdoom you can use the MAPINFO lump mentioned above.

Hopefully this helps!

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Normally, maps will have a sequential progression:
E1M1 --> E1M2 --> E1M3 --> === --> E1M8
MAP01 --> MAO02 --> MAP03 --> === --> MAP32
The way the original DOOM and DOOM2 iwads are set up.

For something like this you do not need a MAPINFO lump, unless you want to give your levels specific names or have more than the normal amount of maps.
If you are interested what the MAPINFO for those iwads would look like, you can find them here:

The alternative to the above progression is the HUB design, where several levels are grouped into a CLUSTER and can be
visited repeatedly. Actions in one level can affect actions in another level. This can lead to some interesting gameplay.
This concept had been introduced in HEXEN. For a good example see REX's PHOBOS-G.
To accomplish this map design you must use a MAPINFO lump.

MAPINFO is just a plain text lump and is simply inserted into a MAP, but outside of the namespace lumps, like this

For this you use a tool such as SLADE3.

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ok kappes buur, that's exactly what I was looking for. now I can give my maps any name I want (without a 'progressive convention'), and have them load one after the other. Plus, I see that Slade3 proggy has a lot to it too, like animations, music, etc. some things I'll check out later on, when I get deeper into my own project.
this is all been real helpful. thank you all guys.

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