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Mapping Collab?

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Just curious if anyone here would like to make a map or two with me.
Nothing too complex, bit of layout, some detailing, few custom resources- a little like 32in24 but on a much smaller scale!

Skype for IM/Chat and Screenshare would be awesome...so if anyone is interested then gimme a shout~ C:

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Hey Fuzz.

Long time no see.

I won't take you up on your offer of collaborating on a map or two, even though I would actually like to do some maps with you. The reason is, I am such a slow mapper, and am already somewhat behind on mapping commitments as they stand, so I probably shouldn't take on more mapping at the moment.

It would go something like this:

You: does half a map:
Me: sits on it and does nothing for 6 months. o_0
You: does the other half of the map.

I wanna say though, I love your textures, and have used them in several projects I am involved in currently. Your texture work is outstanding, and so I would be genuinely interested to see what sort of maps you would come out with.

All the best with the mapping. I, for one, will play your maps.

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That's okay, I wasn't expecting a tone of response to this~
I am curious about this texture use though :D

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Damn, I would normally happily accept an offer like this, but I'm already doing "Go # It, Switcherdoom!, and Deathmatch Revival, all at once..

I hope to see an offer like this come up again soon after all the community projects are wrapped up!

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FuzzballFox said:

That's okay, I wasn't expecting a tone of response to this~
I am curious about this texture use though :D

The two projects where I have used your stuff are:

1) My own personal ZDoom project: Mea Culpa. I posted some screens on your "Fuzzy's Random Stuff" thread over on the ZDoom forums. Check the current last post in that thread for screens from that project that utilize some of your textures. (I did make that post like two years ago, but seeing as that thread hasn't been updated since you may not have seen it.)

2)The TNT2 project. (Thread here.) I ended up being the guy who put together the texture pack for this, and as a result a fair number of your textures/flats made it into the mix.

Thanks for your work. :D

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