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The Doomist

Spyro the Dragon music is pretty good, isn't it? (Another VG music thread...)

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Oh, and I mean the first game for the PlayStation, or at least the original trilogy.

I praise Stewart Copeland (original drummer for The Police, even though I wasn't around in the 70s or 80s....) for making such an AWESOME soundtrack for Spyro the Dragon. The other two had a better variety, but I found the first one to have catchier music, even though I found Year of the Dragon much more nostalgic, as I played it first.

Here's Dream Weavers, the fifth hub world, and my personal favorite:


(Not sure how to post the "box" in, so here's a link.)

Well, enough of posting threads for a while. I feel like I'm spamming... :3

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Spyro the Dragon is easily one of my favorite platformers. I do agree that the music is well composed, soothing to hear. But IMO, it's not exactly memorable. Though I beat it many times in my childhood, there weren't any tracks that got wedged into my head, barring the title track. Nobuo Uematsu still remains my favorite VG composer, with much respect to Koji Kondo as well. :D

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Aldaraia said:

Nobuo Uematsu still remains my favorite VG composer, with much respect to Koji Kondo as well. :D

What games did they do?

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^^ various final fantasy, mario/zelda games iirc, wikipedia would have the specific titles

when it comes to classic vg I'm a fan of yuzo koshiro, hitoshi sakimoto, most notably for the streets of rage series and final fantasy tactics, respectively

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Hmm. I found the music to be horrible. Crappy melodies and the music itself reminds me of ugly, crying, spoiled children mixed with some jesus-gospel-shit. Wtf.

edit: I`m not just posting here to spread flames or simply be and asshole, but I really found thet music to be so shitty I seriously thought it was ta troll thread. sO I had to write something.

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I friggin' loved those games and the music as a kid. The tracks for Fireworks Factory and Cloud Spires from the third game ("Year of the Dragon") have a special place in my heart.

My all-time favorite PS1 game soundtrack has to be Gubble, though. Not a fantastic game but boy is the music catchy and awesome.

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