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Easter Dedication Game

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I'm hosting a server on Zandornum this Easter Sunday (I pasted the following from my post on the Zandornum Forums) http://zandronum.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2419

Well I think I might of posted this in the wrong forum but I wanted to post it somewhere where alot of people would see it (It's kind of short notice I've been busy).

Anywho I am playing a Game of Doom come Sunday. Not exactly sure what Mod I want to play yet and I am open to suggestions. I want it to be a Co-op server but I am open to mods (Who Dun It especially...Hide and Seek is good too..etc).

The reason why I want to organize a Doom Game Sunday...My daughter died 2 years ago on Easter Sunday. She was a stillborn so I never even got to meet my little girl. So every Easter Sunday I am down in the dumps but this Easter is really going to be bad because she would of been 2 this year (She would of just started talking walking...it's really rough on me).

So if you guys who please attend my event. I want to host a server in honor of her this Sunday. Please leave a reply with some ideas for what we could play and if you will be joining or not.

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