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Is this music actually free and legal to download and use?

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I googled "free metal music" because I want some new music for the Quake MOD I am working on and found this: http://www.last.fm/music/+free-music-downloads/instrumental+metal

These tracks are really cool, but I also want to know if they are actually free. Because if they are then I will probably use some of them.

Are these tracks really free like the site claims and could I use them for my mod without breaking any copyright rules?

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Free to download doesn't mean free to put in your wad. Ask permission from the artists unless you can find they attached a license giving you permission.

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I really liked this guy's music: http://www.last.fm/music/Keith+Merrow

So I emailed him this:


I am a modder that is working on a video game MOD for Id Software's QUAKE.

I am looking for some new music to use in it, and I really like your music tracks!

If I were to download and/or buy your tracks, would I have your permission to use them in my mod? If so, then they would play during active gameplay.

I hope I get a reply from you!"

And got the fallowing reply:


Sure, I would be happy to give you permission for that. All I ask is that you credit me and provide a link back to my site wherever possible (info section, etc.)

Have fun!


This is good news, because his music is great and sounds like it could go very well with the fast paced gameplay of Quake.

I might still check out those free websites that you guys linked to as well, though.

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