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gzdoom model support

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I can't find information about this on the official site of the port. I just can't imagine how could people get models working if there is NOTHING to tell you how to do it.
I got a bunch of .md2/.pcx files on a 'md2' folder, residing right next to gzdoom.exe. what do I have to do to get the models shown on screen, so I can play WITH the damn models ON??!?!?!?
thanks people, for helping me, and for coping with my rant.

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I DON'T want to create models. I DON'T want to edit models. I DO WANT to play the game WITH models shown on screen.
How do I get the game to run WITH md2 models?
wouldn't it be something like:
zdoom.exe -md2
gzdoom.exe -md2

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That page doesn't tell you how to create models. That page doesn't tell you how to edit models. That page tells you how to configure models so that they will work with GZDoom.

They need a control lump (MODELDEF) to tell GZDoom which frame of model animation to use in place of the sprite frame. You can't just add -md2 to the command line (an option like that doesn't exist). If you can find a model pack that has been configured for GZDoom (I'm not sure that there even is one simply for replacing Doom items/enemies/etc) then you would add it to the game using the usual -file parameter.

It is perhaps worth saying that model support in GZDoom is not as feature complete as it is in some other ports (particularly Doomsday and Risen3D (though I don't think either of them support MD3 and GZDoom does)) so you might find the way things work a little less satisfying that models that you might be used to in Risen3D/Doomsday.

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