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Doom 2: MAP 30 Icon of Sin coming up as 0% secret.

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I decided to play Doom 2 again but this time on UV and to get Max stats at the end of each level but at Map 30 when I finished it, it came up with 0% secrets. I checked the map on doombuilder but there was no visible secrets.

I was playing Doom 2 on Doom95

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if you use a port like GZDoom, there's a feature that tells you how many secrets are in the map (it's an automap function). same applies with monsters and items; if you are in a level that feels like it lasts hours, you can find out how many monsters (but not types) in the level.

as for IoS, there are no secrets.

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cannonball said:

In vanilla doom (doom2.exe) if a level has no secrets then the secrets count will be 0%.

To elaborate on this; some ports change this behaviour so that maps with no secrets display 100% secrets found, on the intermission screen.

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