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ACS: Scroll_Wall not working

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I need help with this function.
specifically, an example would come much in handy.

I'll give you my code, as it is now, which is not working:

nothing happens when the script is ran.
Am I missing anything here? There has to be something wrong about those 'fixed point' integers, I don't know if I understand all the theory about those...
thanks for any help, you guys are real problem killers.

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According to the ZDoom wiki the first argument supplied is lineid. You're putting in numbers as high as 1077 in there so either you're putting in the linedef numbers or your map is ridiculously interactive :p

What lineid means is not the linedef number, but the tag for the line. In UDMF map format you set this in the linedef properties directly, in Doom in Hexen map format you need to assign lineids to your lines by using Line_SetIdentification.

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