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collab needed. ACS: Make a monster walk, then stop.

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Ok, if anyone is willing to help and collaborate on this, I'll be so happy.

Here's what I want to do:

I want the player to flip a switch, and that would get a 'Scripted marine' to walk to a point, once he gets there, he just stops and STAYS THERE AND DOES NOTHING ELSE.

just can't get that done.
I got a 'test' map, to be used as proving grounds.


so far what I can do is make the monster move to that 'path node' and from then on he just wanders off...!!! aaaaaaarrgh!! ya'know...
I want him to just stay put there.
so if anyone gets this right, it'll be much helpful if they told me how.
thanks a lot for your time and interest in this.

ps: I should start creditting ppl that helped me once I get all this stuff in my wads.

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what's a scripted marine, like a normal monster that attacks and stuff?

it needs a tid, if its a player-ish thing, it needs a player tid, and I think an enter script is the only way to give a player a tid:

If its a monster, give it a tid when u spawn it, or manually give it a tid in doombuilder.

u can deactivate it completely:

You can stop it:

I suspect its a monster so will be walking around and stuff after the stop, so maybe put the stop in a while loop to constantly stop it:

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