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TimeOfDeath said:

Even though for the past year I mainly play Doom on a computer with no sound card.

that's brutal, do you die a lot from enemies that tele behind you and such?

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NOPE! That one is NOT mine, I used google to find the entry name for map 11 and it told me d_stalks. Sorry for the confusion. I did 1, 2, 15, and 24. I've actually got a hankering to remix all of my songs in Reason.

Feniks said:

You did that song? :) The Doom wiki says nothing about that particular track and I haven't seen full credits anywhere so far.

Anyways, good job on the music for map01 and map02, I've always loved them as well.

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TeamTNT was very bad at giving specific credits for songs. Evilution and Icarus are both very annoying for that. You know the songs created by Mustaine or Tolwyn because they claimed them on their own sites; but the songs created by the other musicians? Nobody still active in the community knows anymore.

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My money would be on Jeremy Doyle having done map11's music, judging by the style. Examples would be in osiris.wad, also TNT map02 is quite similar.

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