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Wolfenstein 3D Font TrueType File?

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Hey guys, I have a question regarding the font used in the DOS game Wolfenstein 3D. The font I want is this one that is seen in various screens such as the main menu. I'm looking for a TTF file of the font so that I can use it in future projects. If the Doom font has a TTF file, then could the Wolfenstein 3D font have one too?

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Two fonts more likely. Probably too many differences between the character sets to be accommodated by a single TrueType font, unless you like typing alt-codes.

For Doom projects, it'd be easy enough to convert them to Bitmap Font Writer's format but you wouldn't be able to scale them.

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Is the Wolf font unique to Wolf? Or is it standard-generated by a graphics engine for DOS? I think I surely saw the Read This! font in many other places, for instance.

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