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So I made a map

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I speed mapped a Deathmatch level.

How exactly do I upload it to the /idgames?

I did this a long while ago with a stupid wad I made when I was 13/14, but I've long since forgotten the process.

While I waste valuable forum space I'll go look for the guide on how to do it.

Note: Tweaked on caffeine and other substances.

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since you made the thread you may as well give us a download link here :D

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It's really crude, and something I did in a half-a-hour.

I figured a map with the focus of killing other players is a better start than a Single-player map or a Co-op focused map.

Minimal detailed arena. Sort-of got the idea from a few rounds of a server running Brit10 FFA on ZDaemon. Also coupled with the lack of sleep, and the crappy coffee I've been drinking.


Edit: It's also a bit boring to look at, and it's an overuse of Marble textures.

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After reviewing that wad.

I'd say that I could do better work on the architecture at least make it more appealing that 14-18 sectors, but I still think it's a decent arena.

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I made some vast improvements on the wad.

I spiced it up a bit with some additions, and removed a few senseless things. Also fixed it so it loads with a source port rather than just the first map.

I'll take any constructive criticism as I think this is better than the /idgames.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?we1ejfx3kzd2zaa

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