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ClumsyWizard's Deathmatch Attempts

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So utilizing the pseudonym I use on ZDaemon I decided to delve into map making again.

I decided that focusing on single-player maps isn't really my thing as I can't get most lifts, doors, and switches to work properly, or correctly.

So within the span of roughly 31 minutes I whipped up a deathmatch level. It's a square arena with Rocket Launcher, poorly hidden BFG, Chaingun and Super Shotgun.

This is in the process of being uploaded to the Archives, but I figured I'd get better criticism here on the forums rather than just rely on the people who peruse the /idgames.

Here is a download link from my Dropbox. I'll have screenshots of the green Arena soon. I don't expect much reception for it being my second released map, but my 10th map I've mapped out.

This should run fine with Doom of the Vanilla or Chocolate flavors.


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