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My 2nd Map - Sewer Slaughter Revisited

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After I design my 1st map "Mansion of Pinkies", I started to design my 2nd map. It took me about 12 days to design this map, and this map is much larger and harder than the previous one. After I learn one lesson for not testing the map directly by recording, this time I do it much carefully and test the map after I finished a sector. I expect this map much better than the previous one since there's more large battles and I import textures from Community Chest 4(The textures are beautiful in that wad). I also add in some of my favourite pictures from my PC.

How can I do this? By XWE. Actually I don't like XWE much, it's user-unfriendly and can damage maps and wads easily if not careful used. It also crushes my PC sometimes which force me use the "Ctrl Alt Del" code. When I add in textures from other wads, my map was damaged and shown "Read beyond end of file" error. At that time I am really worried that I need to remake my map again. But thanks to Ribbiks, he helped me fix the error. After more tries carefully, I finally learn how to import textures from other wads, I also learn how to add in pictures from my PC to the game as well. XWE do sucks ass!

So this is my 2nd map, it takes place inside a sewerage system. The whole map have some inspirations from Alien Vendetta Map10, Speed of Doom Map26 and Hell Revealed 2 Map22. I have planned for this map 2 years ago, same as the previous map I made. Actually I still don't know how to change map name and its music. I hope there's not much bugs in this map, also expect to be put in one of the map of a megawad.

Another wish is to design new textures for wads. Maybe textures in Chinese style or.......whatever.

Here are some information about this map:

Iwad: Doom 2
Map level: 18
Map name: Sewer Slaughter Revisited
Author: Daiyu Xiaoxiang(Me)
Monsters count: 600
Inspiration: Alien Vendetta Map10, Speed of Doom Map26, Hell Revealed 2 Map22
Map size: Large
Secrets: 4
Tested Engine: PrBoom-Plus
Editor used: Doombuilder, XWE
Can't run with: Probably Chocolate Doom
Play with complevel: 2
Textures from: Doom 2, Community Chest 4, My own PC


1. Starting point.
2. Something familiar? Back to Alien Vendetta Map10?
3. The red techbase(Red light in middle change into white).
4. The green techbase.
5. Encounter with the cyberdemon.
6. Final battle.

1. Lin Huiyin
2. Chen Xiaoxu
3. Teresa Teng
4. And others from Baidu Forum and various websites.

Map Download Available:

Nomonster test:

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Cool. Haven't beat it yet but one problem I noticed is that monsters have troubles navigating in some areas. The first big trap is trivial because you can easily run away and kill all monsters from the safe spots where they can't reach you:

By the way, I noticed that you use strange brightness levels like 500. Maximum brightness is 256 so it is pointless to use larger numbers.

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Right some feeback based on the version you gave me.
Remove thing 733 (computer map) as there are 2 present in the map making 100% items unobtainable. You could keep this but replace the map in sector 1113 (1st secret) with another item.
Same area, the trap activated by linedef 492 is far too easy to escape and dispatch due to monster blocking lines. Either trap the player in the trap area for a short space of time (20 seconds or so) or allow monsters into the next area preceding the stair to the yellow skull area.
The red key trap was very fun to play, ironically I took more damage off the final teleporting mancubus than the rest of the fight combined :P
I think you only need one invulnerability for the final room, this must be combined with using more efficient teleport traps.
Ideas for teleport traps can be found in this recent thread
There are also little niggly things like lighting and texture usage like awkwardly cut off computer panels and light flats and torches which do not give out any light at all (ceiling flats could be replaced by non-light flats etc)
Same thing as Memfis said about the brightness levels, stick to the doombuilder set ones.

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