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Thy PrBoom Maps (It is released now)

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Channeling hate into wads, here we go with MAP15 (one of *my most unique maps up to date) which is still in progress, one building at a time:

I would import custom textures to mark out the buildings (Give them company names, that sort of cheesy crap) but I have no idea on how to get them working (last time I crashed PrBoom with them) so I am instead trying to make each structure unique in it's own way, be it layout, textures or overall theme (I.E the green one is a piping station, the black one is an archive and the large brown brick one blew up).

The music used is "We Die Young" by Alice In Chains (The MIDI version was meant to be part of Ultimate Doom's soundtrack, it was cut for reasons unknown but it was probably copyright. Either way it is being used in this map).

Here is the indefinite final beta on /idgames:

If shit hits up big time, this will be the final release of the megawad. If I do finish it or call it quits later down the line, I will send the new version to /idgames and ask Ty if he can replace the beta with it.

List of music used in the beta (In order):

Title: Grabbag from Duke Nukem 3D (so overused lol)

Intermission: Intermission from Doom (I think it was a better intermission track than Doom 2's)

1: Death's Bells from TNT (Chosen to relate to the homages found within the map to TNT)

2: Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) from Ultimate Doom (I like this track)

3: Plasma from Duke Nukem 3D (Moody music to fit the map)

4: D_REPET (Repetitive) A crappy little track I made

5: Aliens, Say Your Prayers! From Duke Nukem 3D (Fits the map)

6: Sadistic from TNT (Fits the fast paced action)

7: Untitled from Doom (Fits the quick little map)

8: Restricted Area from Duke Nukem 3D (The somewhat peaceful sound fits the desperate military complex)

9: Pissed! From Duke Nukem 3d (Spaceship music on a spaceship)

10: Let's Kill At Will from TNT (Fits the strange map)

11: I Sawed The Demons from Doom (Fits the dark map for some reason)

12: Waiting For Romero To Play from Doom 2 (Perfectly fits the mansion feel)

13: Cold Subtleness from TNT (This track fits perfectly with this map)

14: Doom 2 Intermission from Doom 2 (I felt it fits this map)

15: Already stated above.

31: D_PROG (Progressive) made by me to simulate a 90's feel (Ties into the map itself)

32: D_CHURCH (Church), a horribly unfinished organ piece to try an simulate a church made by me.

You probably didn't read any of that (You reading this causes a paradox you know) but I will most likely do an FDA of the beta and put it here.

Keep in mind though, I only use PrBoom for this (Hence the title), so it probably won't be compatible for viewing on most points.

*You probably already played hundreds of maps like this (And definitely better than this) so don't take that for value

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Here is a continuos demo of the 14 map beta for anybody stuck or those who don't want to play my shit:


It last for 2+ hours, also for some reason some intermission screens take the piss (Incubator to Compound most noticeably), probably my fault or something.

The demo is for PrBoom using TPBM.wad and Doom 2 as the IWAD.

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For any of those who for some reason care, this project is not dead.

I recently cannot find the time to map that much, but any spare time I have is being devoted to MAP31 (WIP shot) which is attempting to capture that 90's feel to it. This means non-linear with constant theme changes and big rooms (but i am applying my own style to these areas) this is not even half of the map done yet.

Here are some in-game screenshots showing off some of what I have done so far with this map:

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Here we are, after a couple of months (or something like that) I have finally managed to finish MAP31!


"90's Nightmare" was my attempt at creating a wad that was meant to be the all good 90's clusterfunk that I love playing with my own little mapping quirks and shit.

It is divided into 2 sections (and some other little places), these sections are different from one another in terms of style and even gameplay:

Section Blue (marked by the blue torch in the void) is a non-linear 90's styled area where I attempted to incorporate the good old 90's wad feel.

Section Green (green torch) is a Wolfenstein based area based on the generic MAP31 replacement map tripe. The gameplay is not exactly great and more horde styled than section blue.

Section Red (red torch) is just a small little hell area, nothing notable and really just there for both the red key and an easy SSG grab for you.

Incorporated in the map is both the option of choice (choose which section to take out first, grab the keys and find one of the two exit rooms) and a crappy little secret exit puzzle thing, you will see if you play it.

(responding to old reply I did not see first time)

Katamori said:

I must say, finally you could evolve from a beginner into a good mapper.

Thanks man :)

I gotta owe it to the many people who gave me advice and help on what/how to map as well as those who even took a slight interest in my newbie maps.

Seriously, thanks to everybody who showed a slight interest in my crap/helped via advice or feedback :D

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Here is an update to this apparently dead project (P.S, it is not dead):


This update adds multiplayer starts (Co-op and DM), it adds DM differences (DM only weapons and sectioned off DM maps), many bug fixes and 1 or 2 new textures built from the in game patches (more will be used once I get better at patch editing).

2 maps are underway:

32, Throwback:
AIRBSE, Wastes and a whole other bunch of references to my older (more crappy) wads.

16, Xerox Utilities:
Some storage/warehouse map, not that interesting.

(Sorry for bump/lack of screenshots)

EDIT: I may have also change the MIDI for MAP04, I dunno. I also added MAP15 and MAP32 to the compilation.

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Seriously big bump for a decent sized update, sorry bout that.


There is some major changes going on with this megawad, here are a few notable ones:

- Pistol is now a 100% accurate rifle, no chaingun tapping needed.

- Enemy changes altering difficulty in many ways (Revenant missiles do less damage, demons are faster but have less health, lost souls can be shotgunned once to kill them, arachnotrons are generally more effective...)

- Maps will soon be receiving extensions, improvements and general changes.

- Demos need to be replaced, they bug out due to recent changes.

- Incorporating new textures, I am going to utilize the alpha textures.

But that is not very important, what I need right now is input from others, I have 16 maps (15 normal, 1 secret) in a playable state but I have absolutely how awful they actually are and how I can improve on them.

(any criticism will do, just tell me what you honestly think)


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Well, before everything other, you should have embedded the .bex right into your wad, for a comfortable usage. Just put it in using SLADE3 and name it "DEHACKED".

EDIT: To comment on the .bex changes themselves: I don't like how the rifle's muzzle flash displays for so long, it looks a little odd; also I think the weapon should fire faster (but that's a different thing). Most of the other changes are just random and pointless and for no real good reason other than to showcase your DEHACKED skills. Random small changes like that might confuse and annoy players who are very used to the default behaviour. Change to pinky demon and lost soul are the only good ones, IMO. Maybe the revenant's missile damage too, though that one is just slight. But for example the ammo capacity change shouldn't be there, it randomly spoils player's accustomization to the default one. Changes to baron's fireball or an arachnotron or even the soulsphere/armor behaviour or RL damage are too tiny (altering arachnotron's initial reaction time doesn't do anything at all, by the way) and you could better remove them.

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scifista42 said:

Well, before everything other, you should have embedded the .bex right into your wad, for a comfortable usage. Just put it in using SLADE3 and name it "DEHACKED".

Alright, that sounds easy.


Alright, I should keep most of the mechanics the same but I should also speed up the rifle, I could also possibly include different enemy behavior all together (?).

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mrthejoshmon said:

Alright, I should keep most of the mechanics the same but I should also speed up the rifle, I could also possibly include different enemy behavior all together (?).

In my experience, whenever I change a default behaviour of something, I make sure to change its appearance too, to inform the player right away that something is going to be different this time. I find it suitable to use custom sprites (at the very least, recolors) for monsters with new behaviour. And usually also weapons.

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I have updated the OP with a new of Thy PrBoom Maps that includes the new MAP16, some new Alpha and beta related textures, 2 blocking bush things that replace the Dead Lost Soul and Bloody Mess 2 (I need to replace some Bloody Mess 2 Things from some levels as they will now be bushes instead of corpses), Some minor changes to some maps and some more placeholder music.

MAP16: Xenex Corp Wares.

This map is a close quarters indoor battle through an old storage and power facility for some crappy corporation I literally made up on the spot, they are a division of the UAC's massive organization. The power is still functional so getting through here will just be a simple matter of fighting your way out.

Honestly, I think this map is a bit cluster-fucky, tell me what you think if you play it (it is included in the latest version found in the OP)

Obligatory crappy screenshots:


Now, I am going to get to work on adding extra areas to the previous maps as well as incorporating the new things and new textures into them, I'm also going to be looking for more fitting music choices.

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Following recent setbacks, I have decided to reopen this project as a community project for the later sections of the megawad, see OP for details concerning this!

Also, the most recent version can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u3l39spykll3y1k/TPBMnew.wad

(I apologize for bumping this thread since it has been so long by the way)

Edit: Never mind, probably best to just quit right now actually and just abruptly end it.

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