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Anybody else ever used this little shell enhancer called TrayMenu? It was written waaaay back in 1999 by a guy named "Wei Ke" who subsequently disappeared off the net completely.

Anyway I mention this because we use this at my job and, as a result of the v2.0.2 source code being completely lost and Paul wanting to customize it, I've been using much of my spare time at work to reverse engineer the new components and core code changes necessary to upgrade the 2.0.1 source (which is thankfully still available) to 2.0.2.

I've made a lot of progress in adapting all the changes to the executable file itself, but a lot of work remains in reversing the new "TMSBar.dll" module it includes, which is responsible for most of what you see in the screenshot there - it adds an appbar to the program, which is way more useful than putting shortcuts in your tray in my opinion. It's like what you used to be able to do with regular folders before Vista, but on steroids - through COM it can link to pretty much any kind of shell object imaginable.

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Novae said:

Whatever happened with your planned new version of TrayMenu?

It is committed in the big middle of our proprietary software SVN repo and I can't get the revision history extracted in the way I want so far.

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