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ACS test: Sitting in Doom!

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There's something that I've always wanted to see in every RPG-ish games: the ability to sit down on a chair or something and look around. For me, it makes a game more realistic.

Recently I thought that I should implement it in Doom. Because I'm lame, after some failed attempts, one of my friend (who's also Hungarian and a very talented guy, you may know him on ZDoom Forums as "ntamas") did it. The idea was mine, the implementation is his work. =)

Here it is. Don't deal with the design, I just made 5 sectors as table and chairs.


(essel, if it'd have a better place in Doom Editing, then please move it!)

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Press <use> to sit down, press <use> again to get up!

The coordinate writer was only another experiment by ntamas.

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I got a really good laugh out of this, mostly because of the title of the wad. If the teleport sound was silent and the fog invisible, it would be much more convincing. Either way it was fun to shoot an imp from accross the table. A sprite of a plate of pancakes needs to be added in, then you've got perfection.

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Hehe, thanks, it was my aim! :D

I can solve the teleportation without fog later. Not that hard

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