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STTNUM4 from 3hafinal.wad

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What is wrong with that graphic? It looks like crap in XWE:

Surprisingly, in 3hafinal.wad it looks just fine but if I add it to my wad with XWE it turns into this gibberish in game and with Slade I can't add it to my wad at all (nothing happens when I try).
Can somebody fix it please? I managed to add it to my wad by deleting everything but this graphic from 3hafinal.wad and then merging two wads with XWE, but the problem is that I want to remap one color (079 to 111) and I can't do that when it looks like some random gibberish.

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I had to export it with SLumpEd.

SLADE3 viewed (and exported) ALL of the graphics with wrong colors for some reason.

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Can you put it inside a wad so that it looks properly in game? I tried everything, even taking a screenshot in game and then cropping the "4" in MS Paint, but it still looked like gibberish after I loaded it in my wad. This graphic is cursed!

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