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a tc i made using old wads from a long time ago

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i made this tc as a private project but i want to find some large level that will take a while to beat for e4m8 but its hard i found one it was ok , i had another one which had cubicles like an office building but i took it out cause of 9/11 i didnt know any good enemies for the tc

enemies are
office guy w/ super soaker 50 = former human
storm trooper = seargent
weird ailen = imp
wolvenstein dog = demon/spectre
wolvenstein commander = baron of hell
Imp. probe droid = cadcodemon (i want to change it to a helechopter for some reason)
Imp. torture droid = lost soul ( sorry i didnt know any good enemy replacements)
Atst #1 shoots rockets = you know who
Atst #2 shoots bullets = another you know who

music is a mix of star wars , final fantasy themes , 007 movie themes and 2 or 3 unknown themes

sounds were origionally star wars sounds wad but i changed alot of the sounds since it reflected different things

the weapons are
duke pistol ( only if i could find the ppk from 007 movies)
storm trooper rifle
dual machine guns
weird particle blaster
heavy duty rocket launcher
the book of doom :)
light sabre ( wanna change it to a katana or another type of sword)

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Have you ever heard of Hexen? It's a game released a while after Doom. It has some sword graphics that you can extract using Wintex.
You can get a shareware version here: http://www.doomworld.com/files/shareware.shtml
Also, in a while (maybe a long while) I could have a few more sword graphics. If you put me in the credits, I'll try my best to draw and detail a katana.

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