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R_GetDrawColumnFunc PrBoom N00b porting question

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New to this forum so hopefully this is the right spot.

I am playing around with porting PrBoom for Android like in the games book. Being the developer (And the fact that the original code of the port was not well maintained) I am I just couldn't use the included binaries. So I started trying to port myself, problem is I just know enough to be dangerous with C and not enough to actually know what I am doing :-).

Anyway I digress, so I am using OpenGL, however, I am still not seeing any graphics. I am not sure but I think part of my problem has to to with this message...

"04-12 13:38:15.650: E/DJNI(17659): Sys Error: R_GetDrawColumnFunc: undefined function (0, 1, 0)"

Now I would be the first to admit it looks like I am passing an invalid parameter, however, this parameter was static and based on existing code...

if (flags & VPT_TRANS) {
colfunc = R_GetDrawColumnFunc(RDC_PIPELINE_TRANSLATED, drawvars.filterpatch, RDRAW_FILTER_NONE);
dcvars.translation = trans;
} else {
colfunc = R_GetDrawColumnFunc(RDC_PIPELINE_STANDARD, drawvars.filterpatch, RDRAW_FILTER_NONE);

enum draw_filter_type_e {

And of course because the value being returned is null this goes bonkers...


And brings down the app, anyone able to guide me as to what I am missing here?

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OpenGL does not use R_GetDrawColumnFunc. Check your videomode config variable. It should be "OpenGL".

And probably prboom-plus will be better, at least because it supports different aspect ratios.

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Great advice! actually I have been struggling to find the "proper" way to enable OpenGL. I see GL_DOOM and and property for GL video mode. Being that I am not very skilled in the ways of C, I just kind of hacked a solution where I define these variables at the top of every .c file (which I know is wrong). I tried adding them to the config.h but no dice.

Any advice on a good thread for how to configure this the way you suggest? Also why is the PrBoom+ source site having cert issues?

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SDL is still used for playing input (but maybe that needs changing for Android?) and for audio output.

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Awesome, Yeah I kind of figured that out since I posted. Now it seems I am working on Converting old OpenGL to GLES and porting GLU. I will update if I have more issues Thanks for your help guys!

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