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Capitalist Conquest : Freedom vs Fruitbowl

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Just a mod I've been working on, on and off, about True Capitalist Ghost, this person who used to do internet radio shows about the stock market and general political events and there was some troll humor mixed in with his callers. Of course, the prevalent theme is Western Texas since that's where Ghost claimed to be from.

The unique items, weapons, and sounds are here;


A couple of things to note; The player has been modded to be quite a bit taller than the Doom Player so crouching may be required if used in standard Doom levels and the human enemies drop bronze/silver bars when they die because, in the mod, there'll be places to buy things. For now, it's more or less counting score.


Fist: Just Ghost's fist, like the Doom fist.
Magnum: Basic pistol.
Dual Magnums: Twice the rate.
Can Crusher: Ghost smacks the cans together to cause damage.
Punitive Damage: Ghost invokes an ancient lawsuit at the cost of some health.
Pearl Launcher: A gold and gem encrusted rocket launcher that fires pearls.
Texas Icer: Mutilated Cow's Head kept alive with science! Fires frost.
Hadoken: Ryu's move from Street Fighter, consumes health.

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Csonicgo said:

This would have been funny in early 2011 when ghost was relevant.

Well, I was working on the mod since Ghost used to be on the air. I just kept changing the structure of it. It took me longer than I'd like to admit to get 3D modeling in GZDoom down.

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