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Anyone complete Alien Vendetta with no saves or deaths on dos?

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So has anyone finished Alien Vendetta with no saves on Doom2 1.9, and ultra violence without dying?

Chocolate Doom doesn't count since it allows mouse wheel to switch weapons and disable vertical mouse movement.

It's interesting how ID software (John Carmack?) set a save game limit. It's like they hated us or something.

Couldn't save myself on map 10 (Toxic Touch) and ended up using Doom+ for dos. Then saves started crashing on Suicidal tendencies (map 14 I think) so I switch to Boom but that doesn't load vanilla doom save games (I get invalid music or something error loading vanilla doom saves with Boom). Chocolate Doom works however...

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I do know there's a "patch" of sorts for this game that the Compet-N use for a 30-max run (or any 30-map run for that matter) that supposedly keeps it from crashing. I honestly can't remember what causes it, but I think Map20 is a pretty hard crash or desync, one of the two. I believe Anders was trying to get a successful full movie of this game but I don't know what happened there.

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Using this heapsize hack on Doom2 (or AV.EXE) will allow a run through the WAD without requiring the reduced Map20.

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