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My new Gzdoom map with 3D buildings.

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I found it very fun/challenging to dodge revenant missiles while underwater. Do you know of any wads where a lot of action takes place underwater? I see some potential in this idea.
By the way, is ts normal if I see random white pixels appearing on the floors and walls? I tried to but couldn't capture them on a screenshot.

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Memfis, I believe what you're talking about happens when the renderer is set to "speed" (display options => opengl options => preferences => rendering quality). Switch to "quality" and those flickering white dots should go away.

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IWAD: plutonia.wad

The best version yet, I have included a proper mapinfo lump and selected better music for this map.

I have had to drastically redesign the green hill area due to framerate issues and I have added more weapons. There is a rocket launcher on the bottom of the lake, this will help when fighting the mancubuses and arachnotrons. And the streetlights are a little brighter, this adds to the effect.

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