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Death Egg

Problems creating object

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I was trying to create a custom object according to this Eternity Wiki article, and I keep getting the error "E_ProcessSprites: no sprite names defined." I figured it was due to my incompetency, so I copied the example work into the EDFROOT file and it still gave me the same error. Is this wiki article out of date now?

I should note I'm using the current stable release, 3.40.30.

EDIT: Looks like commenting out all the code in EDFROOT gives me the same problem, so I'm starting to think it could be something else entirely that I'm doing wrong

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You need to do

in your own EDF file, and then define your custom definitions. Use that file as your root EDF by dragging it onto EE or using the -edf parameter, or insert it as EDFROOT into a wad/pke file. Make sure EDFROOT is in the global namespace of the wad or pke.

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