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Video game A Capella covers

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I did some similar stuff like this years ago (most from the mid 00s). However, most of it is so bad that I can't post it. It's in everyone's best interest. Here was one of my better produced one man acapellas (Ralphcapella, son) even though it's of a lame radio song and not a lame video game song.

EDIT: Screw it. I'm posting them. They are horrible. They are from like 7 years ago when I was still in my early recording/learning phase. Most were done at like 3 AM. Forgive me. You've been warned so hard.

Bloody Tears

E1M1 oh god no

Flame Mammoth - Megaman X

Alicia Keys - Noone A bit newer than the crappy video game ones

Sigma Level Theme yikes

Sonic - Springyard Zone eh

Vampire Killer so bad

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Surprisingly entertaining and done by a guy that looks like my friend Jason.... who also wears a white backward hat. His wife likes hairy wolf men, so he became one.

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