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I made a DM map

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I have made my first Deathmatch map for Zandronum. It takes place on a techbase.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?oy2ju5ijcd20bci

You may use this map in your project but you need to follow these rules:

  • I have to give a permission to you.
  • The map should not be modified by any way.
Questions, thoughts or complains?
Send me a PM or reply to this thread!

Screenshots (WARNING: Large pictures!):

PS. Could someone give me a step-to-step tutorial to post this to /idgames? Because I read the FAQ and still confused. Thanks!

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Could be worse for a first attempt, your visuals are decent enough, but the layout is pretty bad to be honest. First off it's a very small level, even for 1on1 this would be considered tiny. Second, there's too many dead ends, which stifles map flow and makes it very stale and predictable to play. The outside teleporter area is also executed poorly, just a minigun isn't enough of an incentive to go out there considering that another player could just camp where the teleporter desination is. Third, the environments are pretty cramped, there isn't much space at all to maneuver around. Multiplayer maps need a good amount of breathing room in order to play well. Lastly, the deep floor indentation in the supershotgun room is definitely something that should be avoided in multiplayer maps. Even in single player it's undesireable, because it makes it too awkward and difficult to move around in while not adding any positive gameplay benefit. A similar problem exists in the grenade launcher room, and while player movement isn't affected there, the floor indentations could potentially mess up grenade shots. Hopefully my critiques aren't taken as mean spirited, this is a decent first effort and I hope your skills improve!

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