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Doom soundtracks reloaded (requests possible)

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After having the pleasure to discover the MetalDoom pack for Brutal Doom, I found out that some tracks still deserved a better fate (I think especially about the "Hall of the Damned" one which loop is broken).
I so decided to take on the duty and provide some new tracks available.

So here is the first one I uploaded, namely "Hall of the Damned".
I made it more orchestral. The work is made based on the original midi files that I then rework though, the idea here is to stick a max to the original feelling of the tracks while making it sound more modern.

I did some stuff for E2M2, E3M8 and E3M7 as well as an Hexen track and TNT stuff(or Heretic not sure, featured on Alien Vendetta mod). I also had fun reworking some Strain tracks that I think deserve to be heard with "real instruments" (I use VST as you could already have guessed.) and will upload everything soon EXCEPT FOR STRAIN.

Yes, I've got a problem : Alpha Dog Alliance requires we ask permission first to edit their work and I couldn't find any mail that isn't broken for contacting them. So as long as I didn't get any news from this side I may continue to work on some but that will be for personal use only.

If you have any request for your own wad, just send me an mp and if I have some free time ahead, I'll rework your midi files with pleasure :).

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