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looking for deathmatch map testers.

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i am planning to make a wad with 6 deathmatch maps.
and my style or idea is based on these points :

1. fast to navigate.
2. easy to understand.
3. the super shotgun is all, the rest is limited.
4. the maps schould also be good for 1v1 .

if i know that people might be interested, then i will upload a wad with map01 in it. so that people could see if they would like it. if so then i will contineu on this project. i want this confirmation because, evenif they are small to medium sized without super detail... i spend a lot of time play-testing and altering them to get a good map.

here is a screenshot that reveals a tiny bit of mO1 :

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Your maps are pretty damn solid FireFish, and although I'm a bit flat out at the moment, I could definitely give a quick run through of your stuff.

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Well, since nothing's uploaded, I can only give response judging from the 2 screenshots. Immediately, there are 2 long, single tunnels at either side that do not seem to support 'fast to navigate.' With the long hallways, I feel that there'd be too much "corridor-hiding", as in, players are constantly sucked into battles involved with the hallways rather than stick to the center/mid section. Maybe remove half the corridors and add a seperate area with teleport-link?

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that is a design choice, which i tested with 10 bots in 5 plays for that single map.

3. the super shotgun is all, the rest is limited.

- 1 hallway leads to the plasma gun. a strong weapon and if you want
to have a big bad plasma weapon instead of the double barrel then
that is the risk.

- 2 the hallway teleports you to the one where the plasma gun lays
in turmoil.

- 3 the hallway is wider at the end. those whom wish to "kill block"
somebody constantly going for the plasma, can hide there to end
that player his never ending run for the plasma gun.

any legitimate comment on my map designs, unless they are about redundant or uneccessary "make-up" for the map will be used or referenced for future designs.

- link removed due to errors in the map.

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Ok, putting ALL aesthetic comments aside due to their redundant, unecessary nature, I feel your map lacks...dynamics? The map flows alright, but it lacks any height variation. There are no doors, lifts, switches, ANYTHING, other than a bare layout. (Btw, your teleport plasma-gun fence can be jumped through) Sure, you've got stairs going up the middle, but its small area compared to the map and lack of fluidity for that section serves as a hindrance more than anything.

For example, in this image, the entire hallway features 0 gameplay. The (useless) teleporter doesn't atrract players, and there arent' any exciting gameplay moments for that area.


I guess the main step (other than illegitimate detailing), would be varying heights and gameplay dynamics. Jumping from ledges, shooting from a window and other exciting areas can lead to a more fledged gameplay experience.

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thank you for your input.
i will gladly state that i see height variation problems as a gameplay based preference, and not a cosmetic change. this map is after all the test map, to see if this idea would work for people, instead of just my mind when creating it.

cosmetic changes (make-up,lol) to me are following :
- adding severely irrelevant props in the form of sectors.
as that is more of a hindrance than a good thing in a DM.
- adding trees or things that block the player somewhere.
- adding textures that serve no goal or purpose other then
conflicting with the map and walls.
- adding buttons and doors and lifts just for the thrill of it
or showing off. i have NEVER enjoyed a single DM map that forces
me to open a door or lower a lift.

in the mean while, here is a 2 map wad (m01, and m02) with a spawn fix for m01, and test map 02.

- link removed, for the release of revision 1 of the two maps.

here is revision 1, i used B.A. his comment and added an extra elevation, without losing the essence of the map.

this is still a two map wad (m01, and m02) :

ps :
do not interpret my responses as an attack or negative response.

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