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Boom Lighting Problem

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Some strange things going on in this map I'm working on. I've been using boom linedef types 213 and 261 (floor/ceiling light level changes) for various effects throughout the map, but now it appears to be doing some voodoo to sectors not tagged with those linedef types.

Specifically, the floors in the area I'm working on are all 16 or 32 units brighter than they should be, and I've temporarily bandaided some of them by forcing them back down by tagging them to an appropriate linedef type 213 (such as the darker sector on the left half of the screenshot).

The brighter sectors in the right half of the shot are not attached to any tags. Yet you can see the strangeness with the very bright square I made, which doesn't affect the floor's brightness, nor the pillar Thing inside of it. What the hell is going on? :-(

P.S. the shot was with zdoom. Prboom+ renders the pillar Thing at correct brightness, but the floor in that very bright sector is still dark

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Ahahaha that was it. I did set one of the linedef specials to a null tag since I'm not using it yet, but plan to in the future.

I owe you a beer someday

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