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Question regarding Vanilla Doom falls

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Since Doom 2 supports actual "water"fall textures, would it be possible to recreate that for Doom 1 using the normal liquid flats as wall textures in vanilla Doom? I know it works in ZDoom, but I'm not sure if it can b done in a non-source port environment.

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IIRC all the animated texture and flat sequences are availible to both Doom1 and 2.

Vanilla Doom did not support texture/flat mixing; that is something that sourceports such as ZDoom and Doomsday etc etc, have added.

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You could load the fwater flats into your wad as textures and rename them so they replace one of the 4 frame animated textures.

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You can load any texture into a WAD (level) you are creating (as long as the format is correct) and still have it be vanilla compatible. I recommend using Slade3 as your editor:


And Doom 1 textures from realm667's repository:


You will need to become familiar with Slade3 as well as the Doom engine to do this correctly, but this is a good place to start. Once you know what you are doing you can load a wide range of textures and flats (floor and ceiling textures) into your levels with ease and have them still be vanilla compatible.

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