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W.i.P. brown

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hey, the last few days i've been working on a new map.

i don't have a real complete design process. i just start and keep going. polish. add new room. so, the flow needs a lot of optimization. item placement and monster spawns are just placeholders, just to have some things to trigger by scipts.

i also created a video:


have fun. comments appreciated.

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The general shape of the layout isn't all that bad, but the playing area in general is very flat and in dire need of a bit of height variation. Even forcing the player down into one of those pits would help tremendously.

Also, the first step to improving this map is probably getting rid of those rocket-troopers. They're fun at a glance, but once you fight one you realize that they're just horrendously unbalanced.

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Snakes said:

They're fun at a glance, but once you fight one you realize that they're just horrendously unbalanced.

They are just cybers with low hp and small radius, what's so bad about them?

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thanks for the replies. actually, right after recording this video, i got the idea to re-design the pit at the starting area. there is concrete now and a plat that gets you back up to the upper floor again. i'm going to record another video soon, so you can take a look.

the troopers are actually quite balanced. they don't instantly attack you like the usual shotgunguy. they trigger a sound first, wait a few tics and then shoot. you have enough reaction time to kill 'em with the shotgun. if you miss or you're unable to dodge, you're pretty much dead though. but that's the purpose of those rocket guys. they punish you if you don't pay attention.

there's also the soulsphere that gives you enough health to survive a direct rocket hit.

but at the moment, everything is just a placeholder. i build, playtest and iterate.

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Rocket troopers do seem to divide opinion. Personally, I have never found them unbalancing. Sure, they can do you a lot of damage and sure they can kill you with one shot (depending on your health, there are many times where you might be 1 shot away from death in a game) but their destructive power can make them as much of a hazard to the armies of hell as they are to you, their shots are projectiles and therefore dodgeable and also likely to get caught on the scenery and the troopers themselves have low enough hitpoints that, once you have them in your sights, it won't take long to get rid of them. I also quite like how they spice up the game and force the player to re-evaluate which enemy in a horde to try and take down first.

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I was noticing the monsters a bit more myself: this could be just my opinion, but you can find quite a few monsters on Realm667 that have similar attacks to your altered ones. At least make the guy firing rockets look like he can fire rockets. I like the brown theme for the map though, it looks surprisingly nice. :)

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here's a small update in full 1080p glory. :)


you'll see that the rockettroopers do in fact do more damage to themselves than to myself. i probably change this to a plasma projectile.

also, i'm planning to connect the lower floor and the upper floor in the first room. the room where you currently get the shotgun will be the connection. so, you enter it via bottom center and you can exit left+right on the upper level.

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