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How hard is it to make md2's?

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I like using gzdoom with 3d models, however I'm sure that a few people will agree that they've been a bit rushed:

I'm happy with everything apart from the chaingun and the rockets' explosion, how difficult would it be to correct these for an average I.T student? (I'm thinking of hassling someone to give them a makeover as I have zero experience with modelling myself)

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Not hard, but time consuming. Very time consuming.
However, as with anything, the more frequently you use it, the easier it gets.

First you will have to learn to deal with the 3D program, a good mouse is mandatory, then the procedure how to import into the port successfully.

Milkshape is the program which some say is easiest to deal with.
Personally, I like Blender. I'm still struggling to come to grips with it.

If you go the Blender route then also have a look at this:

invictius said:

.....(I'm thinking of hassling someone to give them a makeover .....)

Good luck with that.

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Its fiddly, but if you can pick stuff up easily and have the time to experiment and try things out its possible.

My only advice to to be weary of vertex swimming! This is when the model animates and the vertices move around randomly making the model look squishy. In quick animations this can be hidden, sometimes its bad, sometimes its not. Sometimes repositioning the vertex is all you need to do to hide the effect.....anyway, the first thing to do is make a model, and get it in game, then go from there :)

Good luck with it all.

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