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PSXDoom Map20 Yellow Key

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Doing a PSX Doom runthrough and I'm on Map 20, Unholy Cathedral. Came across a yellow key and I'll be damned if I can find what it's for. When I finish the level I have 100% secrets, is this just something that was a mistake when they did the conversion? If I remember the PC version right, the yellow key is for a secret. Is this secret just absent from the PSX version of the map and they forgot to remove the key?

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Well I'm fairly certain I got 100% secrets when I left the map. I was playing on the PC version of the PSX version, if that makes sense. Maybe that was fixed so you'd still get 100%?

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Eh, they put the secret back in, then removed it again over some aesthetic issue. They should have removed the key too if the secret will be removed (its funny because every other broken secret got fixed..kind of annoying)

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