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Hell To Pay 2.0/Perdition's Gate ZDoom patches

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A while back I got around to making ZDoom based patches based on these two Wraith wads using some of the more base features to give them more of an independent feel to them.

While Perdition's Gate came out ok, I was left unsatisfied with the results of Hell To Pay, which still had many problems with it. Recent suggestions encouraged me to fix up the patch and now I release it to those lucky enough to have the wads themselves. I hope that it provides some useful addition to the experience.


Download here:


List of features by Patch:

Perdition's Gate:

-Level names are now written in MAPINFO, allowing them to be seen on the map and intermission screens.

-Some level names have been changed to not sound so redundant from their originals.

-New text intermissions at every episode interval to give background to the story of the game.
-Some music order has been changed for presentation purposes.

Notes: Honestly, PG is a very basic patch since the wad is similar to Plutonia and TNT. Most of the changes were implemented in Hell To Pay.

Hell To Pay:

-Like PG, all Maps have been given there original names for Auto-map and Intermissions.

-MAPINFO for maps 15,31, and 32 have been edited for a more set
level structure since this is how it was designed anyway.

-All story text graphics in between levels (originally replacements
for map names) have been replaced with much easier to read text
screens. (It's unfortunate as I was unable to find a way to salvage
those graphics because some of them are really neat to look at).

-Fixed wall decal issues with the BFG equivalent.

-Fixed blood colors for new monsters and originals.

-Fixed the sound effects for Active and Pain sounds for various

-Fixed Rocket Launcher firing sprites (originally misaligned).

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Excellent. I was waiting for these, as you can imagine.

How are the HTP text screens done? Is it like an end of episode text screen after each level? Or end of episode and condensed?

Secondly, how compatible are thse with Expanded? Obviously HTP wont work well (or at all) with the full Expanded, but I assume PG can. If neither, can Lite run alongside them?

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The condensed end level texts are saved for Perdition's Gate as each of the original text graphics didn't really advance the plot that much. There are some minor exceptions like maps 1,31,32,28,29 as they are more plot critical moments, otherwise normal Doom 2 intermissions at maps 11,20,and 30.

Hell To Pay on the other hand was more descriptive in it's narrative, so there's text at the end of every level progressing the plot.

Normal Expanded will work fine with Perdition's (with minor Brightmap errors, but that's unavoidable), while Hell To Pay was more with Expanded Lite in mind since there are new graphics/sound for monsters and such.

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BlueFireZ88 said:

-Level names are now written in DECORATE


-DECORATE for maps 15,31, and 32

You mean MAPINFO. :p

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Not sure if your still updating this, but I get this on Hell To Pay level 1's exit, instead of the text. Its a weird tiled mess made out of the original text.

Everything else so far has been this, the new much better style.

Also, Expanded isnt really compatible with HTP even with Lite; blood colour is overridden by Lite's colours, ie robots bleed again (Ironic, because this is one of the points leading to this updated patch). and similar to TNT's waterfall brightmap bug, random tiles like ceiling fans get the warp effect. I know this isn't something fixable, as its a clash between two add-ons, but just letting it known that its best to just go vanilla. *sheds tear over lost visual effects*

Kind of disappointed that the obituaries still say "burned by an imp, "bit by a demon" etc, but I guess those monsters don't have official names so it probably cant be helped. The imps are unnerving with their new sounds though! I've never actually played either of these seriously ever since I got the discs, due to too many wads, not enough time syndrome, but I'm really regretting not doing so; HTP reminds me so much of Evilution, my all-time favourite IWAD from any Doom engine game. Even the music sounds the same in places (let me guess, Mustaine did the music too? I know PG is his child, but I dont know about his involvement in HTP)

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Ragnor said:

HTP reminds me so much of Evilution, my all-time favourite IWAD from any Doom engine game. Even the music sounds the same in places (let me guess, Mustaine did the music too? I know PG is his child, but I dont know about his involvement in HTP)

The HTP and PG soundtracks are basically the same. Each has one level song the other do not, and also title music, intermission music, and text music are different; but otherwise they're the same.

Mustaine did make some of the music (as seen here); the rest was by LA Sieben (aka Anavrin) and Jan Sinkmajer. Sinkmajer isn't credited for PG's music though.

TNT Evilution also had songs by Mustaine and LA Sieben; but also Josh Martel and Johnathan Al-Bizri.

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Fixed the issue with the level 1 intermission text, I was experimenting with the original graphics and I guess I forgot to fix it. Sorry if that happened.

As for your compatibility issue, try using ZDoom Launcher to change the load order of the pwads to where Expanded Lite loads before Hell To Pay and the patch. If that doesn't work, I'll see about a compatibility patch if that method doesn't pan out.

The obituaries sort of slipped my mind to be honest. So sorry if those aren't different, but it really didn't seem like much of an issue. Again, sorry if that's a problem.

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It's kind of hard to do without knowing the actual names of the monsters. "robot guards" is the only thing mentioned, the trustees are the zombiemen.

Another thing I forgot to mention, HTP's level 31 and 32 are still numbered that, I thought it says they were renumbered? Unless this was a bug caused by DELite. I'll check this now.

Whats this ZDoom Launcher? I always just ctrl click everything then drag onto the exe

EDIT: Yeah, without DELite it still says 31: Secret Facility. Can this be changed to show 16 instead of 31? It's a bit jarring. Maybe obituaries could be disabled in the mapinfo as well, since its unlikely the names of those monsters will ever be found?

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Well, the Pain Elemental and Lost Soul replacements are referred to as 'liquid metal experiments'.

But obituaries don't have to name the type of monster that killed you; maybe slip in a few references to the bad guys being called Hellions though. Refer to the Imp replacements as lesser Hellion etc. Or just be creative and come up with some names.

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The designers deliberately made Maps 31 and 32 a part of the level structure for H2P, and the level numbers in the original wad reflect this. MAP15 doesn't have a regular exit and uses the secret exit only, going straight to 31, and the same thing is repeated for 31 to 32, then exiting normally back to 16.

ZDoom Launcher is a seperate program that allows you to set up a list of Source Ports and IWADs to select from. The iwads don't even have to be in the same directory as the ports, like I have them in an IWADS folder. It also allows you to add mods and addons to a seperate PWAD list and organize them to which mod loads before another.

Here's the ZDoom wiki page on it:

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Cool. I'm on map 19 now, HTP is mostly awesome, questionable choices in areas aside. Fuck that megasphere.

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At first when you said you added level names in via MAPINFO I thought you meant you named each level with the entire body of text narrating the plot to show in the Automap and I was about to demand a screenshot of how silly that must look.

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The issue with the intermission screen has been fixed, download the fixed version from the first post. I apologize for this, as this issue should have been taken care of already.

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