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Help me reobtain Chex Quest 1 and 2

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Seems I've lost my Chex Quest 1 and 2 wad files, likely back when Chex Quest 3 came out with updated versions of 1 and 2 (I probably deleted them as they were "useless")

Can anyone point out a place to reobtain them? Googling them has only led me to dodgy sites or broken archives

I intend to play it in the new Doomsday release and refresh my memory on how much changed between 1/2 and 3

EDIT: I am assuming CQ1 and 2 are free these days, due to CQ3 and the fact theres broken downloadable CQ1 and 2 on the offical CQ site. If im wrong let me know.

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Thanks. Took a while to find anything on that page, who puts dark blue on a black background? :p

Although I can only get the CQ1 wad there, CQ2 is just an install exe that doesnt work on Win7.

EDIT: The second link you provided has both originals it seems.

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Well, there's another site that I've used before to get CQ2 that's safe, but I probably shouldn't post it since it has warez on the site for other games.

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