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Professor Pants

Barrel of Fun (New game mode)

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“A new game mode, Barrel of Fun is a single player and co-op defense game. Monsters randomly spawn from all corners of the map and make their way to the center, where they target the single explosive barrel. If the monsters destroy the barrel, you lose. It is similar to invasion but doesn’t have different waves or any ending, and running away from the monsters is no longer a viable strategy.”

1. My site.
2. Project post.
3. Direct download.

EDIT: My high score so far is 2:57 while playing single player.

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Actually kinda fun to play, is this wad for skulltag or something? because i noticed theres 4 fail it signs on the map.

May I suggest a start timer so that people know when the monsters begin to start spawning? also perhaps every minute or so you could get an extra barrel to spawn and some additional ammo.

Keep up the good work, i hope you expand this idea to make it even more of a minigame.

Perhaps you could make a high score system for this to.

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Bucket said:

I vote to change the barrel to Romero head. Also give it more HP.

Romero Head of Fun doesn't have the same ring to it, though.

Maybe a Romero head sticking out of a barrel.

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The barrel should be filled with an endless supply of explosive weapons instead of explosive toxic.

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