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Could some kind hearted soul add some scripting for a HUD message to my current level? I'm pretty inexperienced (this is my third map) and a complete Retard when it comes to scripting, I literally need one line of HUD text when you reach a line def in the map (i've screencapped and drawn on where the i want the trigger for the text)inbox me or whatever if you are interesting in helping and i'll send my WAD for editing and you can send it back when done, Anyway thanks for reading

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Sure thing, but what format are you mapping in? I'm only familiar with scripting in UDMF - which makes scripting sinfully easy.

Not sure if this works in other formats, but in UDMF in Doom Builder 2 you would simply hit F10 and paste the following into the script editor:

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 (void)
    print (s:"Your text here. :)");
Then tie that to a linedef type 80 ("Script Execute"), that is in turn tied to Script #1, that triggers whenever the player walks over it (here's a picture of what I'm talking about).

Here's an example:
Format: UDMF
Sourceport: ZDoom

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Vandoom said:

check you're inbox, I've Fucked up

'Kay. I'll post this here as well in case someone wants to tell me I'm wrong, or maybe has a better solution:

You'll be relieved to know your issue isn't that uncommon. I recommend posting about it in the thread you've already created - there are a lot more experienced mappers than myself on Doomworld. I don't know anything about converting maps (I've never got it to work), but if you just want to get back your old map you can rename one of the automatic backups that Doom Builder creates and open that. Just MAKE COPIES of EVERYTHING before you change things, just in case... it never hurts to be cautious.

So you'll see:


#1 is the most recent backup. Just remove the ".backup1" from the filename and Doom Builder will be able to open it like any other wad. If #1 doesn't work, try #2, etc. These forums are very newbie friendly, so you should have no trouble finding help. :)

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