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Hellcore MAP15 fix for classic ports

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Not sure if anyone cares but I made a fix that makes MAP15 from Hellcore possible to complete in classic ports. (tested in prboom-plus -complevel 2) The problem in the original map was that you couldn't open the door in the cave after the yellow key because there was a walkover linedef near that door and it would "eat" your keypresses. I fixed this by moving that line further away from the door.

If you haven't played this map yet maybe give it a try because it is awesome, Chris Hansen at his finest.

Or maybe this thread should go to hell since Hellcore doesn't allow modifications.

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Sadly Hellcore is rife with bugs. I was inactive at the time of its release, but I know many of the maps in there are not the final versions that I had seen months prior during development. Even one of my own was an in-progress version with all kinds of unfinished awkward bugginess going on.

More power to you if you want to fix bugs! ;-)

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Yeah, I played a few maps in prboom+ today, most of my adventures ended with a zero tagged SR door closing the whole level. :p
If it's actually okay I might make more fixes, mostly for demo recording purposes.

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The textfile doesn't grant permission to make changes, which is a shame because if there were ever a wad that would have benefitted from a few bug fixes, this is it.

Generally speaking, if you want to search for maps that feature invalid tags (and yes, it is rife with these), then WadAuthor has an excellent error checker for that purpose, but I recall it having problems loading some of these maps (I tried to produce a list of major errors when reviewing it for T/nC, but gave up after the list just got too long).

I also recall that this wad went through a last-minute spate of changes to try to make the maps prettier, but this process introduced a lot of bugs and was half-assed in many cases. It makes it even sadder to hear that there had been finished bug-free versions of these maps at some point that were never released.

Frankly, I suspect you may find it a thankless task ridding this wad of errors, unless the original authors of the maps can be brought on board.

As I wrote in 2004:
... there are so many bugs that you never know whether you are up against the intended challenge or just the by-product of an error.

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Grazza said:

The textfile doesn't grant permission to make changes, which is a shame beacause if there were ever a wad that would have benefitted from a few bug fixes, this is it.

No, it doesn't -- but Hellcore 2.0's does --

Authors MAY use these LEVELS, GRAPHICS, MUSIC, or TEXTURES as a
base to build additional levels giving credit to their respective authors.

Of course Hellcore 2.0 is cut down to just maps designed by Darkfyre and/or Fusion (so it's missing the map Memfis fixed for this thread, among many others), but it still might be a decent base to work from if someone's really feeling masochistic enough to want to produce Hellcore 3.0. :)

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Hey it's Fusion, one of the co-creators of Hellcore, Forget what it says in the text file, anyone who wants to modify or fix Hellcore or Hellcore 2.0, is free to do so.

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