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Lost Soul's attack causing self harm to the monster using it.

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For the purposes of this mod, there is a massive head enemy that behaves like the Lost Soul. It has a height of 160, and radius of 190. Whenever it does the A_SkullAttack, it seems to somehow inflict harm on itself as it makes the pain sound and its health decreases like it got attacked by another lost soul. Its movements floating around also appear to be very choppy, not sure if that has to do with it utilizing an MD2 model or not.

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MD2 drawing (at least in DoomLegacy) only affects drawing, not collision detection (which starts infighting).
Mostly likely it is that size.
Spiderdemon size monsters exceed the blockmap movement checking bounds and strange things happen.
You can test by reducing the dehacked size (without changing the sprite appearance, which has no affect on collision detection anyway) to see if the problem decreases.

Also, this varies on the ports (likely). So it is important to mention exactly which port showed this behavior.

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Then, for clarification, I'm using GZDoom. I knew the 3D model isn't causing it to harm itself but it's also jerking around in its movement so I'm not sure if that has to do with the model or not.

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