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Vanilla Duel Levels

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It's important to draw a distinction between Evilution and Plutonia when talking about Final Doom's multiplayer. Plutonia certainly had less thought put into this aspect. Team TNT made a general point of tweaking their maps for multiplayer (with varying degrees of success), sometimes with completely separate DM areas, or else by causing the map to transform so as to open up special DM areas and seal off other areas. They also did this in Icarus, which was made after Evilution, and so may be a little more polished in this respect. Some of these special areas can also be used in single-player, but that's another story.

Team TNT also made a few DM-only megawads, which you might want to look at.

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doom: some people enjoy playing e1 dm-style (the more players the better)
doom2: map01 is the timeless classic, map03 is quite respected despite being ubalanced, map07 was DM standard until dwango5map07 replaced it, map11 is one of the few maps working for altdeath, map16 is popular for TDM.
plutonia: i can't really say, they're too singleplayerish for me to ever try playing them in DM.
tnt: map01 is respected as a very good DM map, even though the tower spawn is shit and some edits were made to improve the general balance of the map. the rest, well, wasn't favoured by the community, afaik.

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