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EDGE + .png flats? [SOLVED]

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Simply put, I want to use 64x64 .png graphics as flats. I'm aware that putting transparency/translucency in such things is possibly a terrible idea but I want it for the potential colour range; or rather, to easily get cartoony colours without wrestling with a palette.

I'm working on this kind of aesthetic (see, the sprite and the skyline):

I've made the sky work by putting a .png named SKY1 in between TX_START and TX_END (and I presume this is going to work on sidedef textures too) but .png flats don't seem to work, which is a shame.

Can EDGE do this at all?

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Might I add (for those who like to ignore the body-text of a post and pick at the minutiae), that the sprite is a placeholder from an old pixel-test and something more in line with the sky will be used eventually.

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EDGE can do it, you can probably just put your PNG flat images between TX_START and TX_END and use those names as flats (assuming your editor can cope with that).

Otherwise you need to define the flats in a DDFIMAGE lump.

DDFIMAGE is a text lump and should look something like this:



image_data = LUMP:PNG:"MYFLAT1";

image_data = LUMP:PNG:"MYFLAT2";

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I didn't know you could stick them in the TX_START/TX_END section, I guess my decades-old editing knowledge was still assuming them to be handled differently by the engine. It worked like a charm.

Thank you so much. :)

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