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zdoom mac, where's my ini?

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The only info I've found when googling about this is that the files are all over the place. As well as the ini location I'm looking for where I'm meant to put high-res textures and models. I've hardly touched a mac so I'm clueless about the file system.

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Blzut3 said:

Open the console and type "whereisini".

IIRC it's ~/Library/Preferences/zdoom.ini

Mac gzdoom seems to hate models or textures. I put them in root, told the ini that's where they were, and crashed just after choosing my iwad. Isn't mac gzdoom meant to be roughly at the same level of development as the windows version?

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If you mean _mental_'s fork, then yeah it's supposed to be at the same level as it is generally updated within a couple days. However, it has a greatly rewritten renderer so if there are issues with models it might be because of the original code.

You can report issues here: http://code.google.com/p/gzdoom-macosx/issues/list

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