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Where's this sound from? Sounds very familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it..

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So I was watching this video and came across this very familiar sound. The sound happens at about 24 seconds when the boat's door opens.


I want to say it's from Heretic or Hexen but I just played them to check and couldn't hear the sound in either of them. I'm sure it's a lift stopping sound of some sort. Does it ring a bell for anyone else?

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It does sound familiar... I can't really figure out where it's from either, but now that I've heard it it's piqued my curiosity as well.

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Probably a stock sound, which is also a platform sound in Doom64.

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BaronOfStuff said:

Yeah, it's the general 'stop' sound for raising/lowering floors in PSX Doom & Doom 64.

Of course! How could I forget?! Cheers :P

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