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Alpha version released:


What is bossed?
"bossed" is a small wad that contains 5 maps for Doom 2 using lots of ACS scripts, so it's designed only for ZDoom. The maps aren't quite unique other than normal maps, except that for each map there's a boss fight that goes around for a few minutes. Detail isn't that great. However, scripts are there to make up for that. It was my dream before to make maps with boss encounters, however I wasn't able to do such things those times.

There are lots of custom monsters used from Realm667 and Skulltag (plus one made by me) which I'll give all of them credits after finishing the wad.

The Story
You (Doomguy) have gone through many hellish invasions without having cruel problems. You are a legend. You're one of a kind. This is what attracted hellish species from another dimensions.

A group of 5 monsters who call themselves "The Elite 5" wanted to challenge you, so they started to invade the earth just as every Icon of Sin did in the past. However, it is mentioned that they are not like any monsters you've faced them before. The Elite 5 includes:
- A powerful Dark Imp.
- The Archon of Hell, a monster who got its power thanks to the UAC researches.
- The Pyro Lord, the brother of the Archon of Hell, lies deep in a volcano.
- The Spider-Demolisher, a stronger version of the normal Spider-Mastermind.
- Thamuz.

- MAP01: Nukage of Fun

- MAP02: The Gem

- MAP03: 1000 Degrees

- MAP04: Mighty Dis

- MAP05: Far Far Away


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