New map (made for Zandronum / Brutal Doom)

NukeStormMachine: played in Gzdoom so i probably missed out on some clever scripts you wrote for escaping the 'blood pit' at the start (which looked great btw) and also got stuck in the arena (iddqd and rocket jumped out) the end was cool too and would seamless blend into your next level, i suck at doom so i found it pretty challenging lol and would have found a bit more ammo in the latter half of the level handy (maybe a box of shells in the blue key's cavern) Played in BD like suggested, was cool having the imps dive at you from the upper levels of the arena bit and starting unarmed made the first kill a little tense until i grabbed a sarge's shotty and blew em away!

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A great gameplay , dude.
Just no detail , but who cares.

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