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Illegal to upload timidity patch sets from gus driver and other sources?

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Are there legal concerns putting together a patch set for timidity using instruments from "Pro Patches Lite 1.61", gravis ultrasound dos drivers (4.41), SGM-V2.01.sf2 soundfont, shoms patches (these seem free), and maybe a few from eawpats (this one's free I think)?

Would anyone be interested in such a patch set?

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The GUS 411 and PPL 161 patches could be freely gotten by downloading the drivers from the Gravis site, so they were freeware at least. I don't think anybody would mind -- I remember reading somewhere that one of the people behind the patches declared being happy they were still being used.

However, they aren't free enough to be included in free software projects, which is why there are projects like Freepats.

Anyway I don't think anyone here would mind. Some are already on the idgames archive:

Also, fun fact: the Xbox 360 (and, I suppose, PS3 too) ports of Doom/Doom II use TiMidity and the GUS 411 patches to play MIDI data. Using a bunch of MIDI files (not the MUS lumps in the WAD) that have a slowed down tempo for some reason.

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So basically, the whole classicmusic folder from Doom 3 BFG Edition can be considered freeware?

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