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Doom - Evil Unleashed 2.1

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The Shores of Hell – Part 1


Colonel Hauser was a bit surprised that there was no sign of life on any of the screens, neither humans nor creatures, only corpses of either – mostly corpses of the monsters. Where were the monsters?
It occurred to him that he hadn't seen the genetically enhanced soldier on any of the monitors yet. Was he dead or had he passed through the camera surveillance areas while Hauser was busy elsewhere?

He recalled the old project on Phobos several years ago. He was a Captain back then. He had picked his best soldier for the experiment, telling him that the UAC was going to test a new climate adaptor – back then a syringe filled with a liquid, which could make the soldier adapt to different types of climate. The climate adaptors had later been made into special pills, which had to be swallowed. The troops usually carried two types – one that could adapt the soldier to cold climate and one for hot climate. Hauser's man had been told that this new adaptor drug was harmless and would make him adapt to both kinds of climate, but wouldn't make a difference in a regular climate.

In truth the drug would alter some of his genes to make him a superior warrior.

After receiving the dose and going through the testing fields, the subject was told that the drug apparently didn't work as he froze when he was in the "cold" area and was feeling hot when in the "hot" area. But the drug did work – just not the way the soldier was told it would work...

Unfortunately, the grunt died of a lethal side effect a year later. But apparently, he had made his wife pregnant after receiving the experimental injection and the wife gave birth to a child, but died soon afterwards, because the drug had affected her as well. The couple had not been informed of the potential risk of taking an experimental drug and as a result both paid the price of their ignorance with their own lives.

But the child had survived and had no health problems or misshaped genes whatsoever.
As the child grew older, his reflexes and persistence slowly improved, and ultimately, he became the most deadly fighting man the Colonel had ever seen or heard of. With superior reflexes, a high pain tolerance and a strong mind capable of dealing with mind numbing situations, where most other soldiers would be demoralized he was the ultimate warrior. Another positive thing was that he was gifted with the ability to think. But "subject TX056", as he was referred to in Hauser's secret files on this man, wasn't a complete success – he had a hard time obeying orders and was thus inefficient as a soldier.

The soldier had proven to be untrustworthy and even dangerous to his superiors as was proven three years ago, when he assaulted his superior officer, First Lieutenant Frank Stevenson – Hauser's own nephew.
This was the reason why the Colonel regarded 'subject TX056' as a failed experiment, which could be too dangerous for his surroundings. This was also why Hauser wanted to get rid of him. He had made sure that 'subject TX056' got separated from his platoon on Phobos, hoping that he would get rid of the "failed super warrior", before he made further harm or discovered the truth.


The moment I stepped through the whirlpool, a horrible feeling of nausea came over me. I felt as if I was falling downwards at an insane speed. There was a brief, red flash and then everything turned black. The next instant, I was surrounded by horrible creatures. They lunged at me and attacked. I couldn't move out of the place and I couldn't defend myself. I felt a burning pain in my chest as a fireball exploded on my armor in a cloud of flame. The next moment I felt their claws ripping me apart. It was awfully painful and I jerked and twisted in agony. Then suddenly, all went dark.


I opened my eyes and saw that I was inside what looked like a human base – the lost Deimos base!

Looking down at myself, I was surprised to see that my armor was undamaged and that I apparently wasn't badly hurt. My journey through the wormhole must have given me hallucinations.

I sniffed, inhaling the harsh air. There was a horrible stench of rot and decay in the air and I could feel that same strange wind I had felt near the gateway on Phobos. It was unbearably hot. Something wasn't right around here. In fact it was even weirder than in the "Phobos Anomaly"
I activated my helmet computer and it told me that I had arrived at the "Deimos Anomaly" – it would seem that the monsters had infested and morphed this place as well.
I turned around and saw a similar doorframe and machine to the one on Phobos, but the whirlpool looked different, however. There was a white light at the center of the vortex and the whirlpool itself seemed calmer.
I stepped down the staircase and blasted the machine with the rocket launcher. The light at the center of the whirlpool instantly disappeared and the whirlpool slowly faded away.

I had done it – I had shut down the infested gateway. But now I was trapped on Deimos, not knowing where the moon was or how I could navigate off it. I still wondered how the creatures had removed the moon out of range of our radars so quickly, but I probably wouldn't find out until I had retaken the Deimos base, which I was now determined to do.

I knew from our briefing that the Deimos base was smaller than the base on Phobos, due to the fact that Deimos was smaller than Phobos, which yielded less room for a base.

My thoughts were interrupted by the all-too-familiar wheezing sound of several former humans breathing. They were heading this way – obviously alerted by the noise I had made, while destroying the gateway.
I clapped the rocket launcher together, reducing its size to less than half a meter in length, and slipped it into the bag which the rocket launcher came equipped with and which was attached to the back of my armor – my back was getting crammed with weapons making it even harder to maneuver. The door opened with a sharp whine, just as I had pulled the shotgun from my back and brought it into firing position.

I could immediately see that something was different about the humanoid soldier in the doorway. Its hair had apparently fallen off and it seemed that its face had rotted away, leaving a menacing, skull-like visage. Its human ears were still intact and it still had eyes – but those eyes were as dead and white as the eyes that all the other former human troops I had encountered so far had had. It growled as it saw me, but a blast from my shotgun threw it into one of the troopers behind it before it could aim its pistol at me. One of the zombiefied soldiers had knelt down and now began firing at me with its assault rifle, but I had already sought cover. I put the shotgun down and whipped out my two pistols. Another former human ran into the room, while being covered by its fellow beings, but I quickly picked it off from my hiding place next to the doorframe. I leapt into view of the monsters and rapidly blasted them away with my dual pistols, spilling their blood and brains onto the floor. No more troops were charging through the door anymore which likely meant that there were no more reanimated troops, unless the former humans on Deimos were smarter than those on Phobos.

I reloaded the two pistols. I was almost out of ammo for the handguns, but some of the former human grunts had sidearms, providing me with a little more ammunition for the two x215's.
Picking up my shotgun after holstering the two pistols, I stepped out into the large hall. At the end of the hall, there was an upside-down-crucifix shaped opening in a wall of what appeared to be red glass, with a fiery light inside. It looked very satanic and I began to wonder if these things were really demons and not just aliens. I quickly dismissed the idea – "demons are the product of human imagination" I told myself, but I was beginning to doubt the reason behind that statement.

On the other side of the anti-Christian symbol I found what seemed like the remnants of a large computer room. On a trashed, filthy desk lay an access keycard with blue markings on it. Certain doors were locked by security until someone with a keycard could unlock them. It could also in some situations allow the holder of the keycard to access protected information on some computers if the holder inserted the card into the computer's keycard slot. The blue markings meant that I had access to low-clearance security – blue level, which was the lowest of three possible security clearance levels. I had found and used keycards on the Phobos base as well.

Unfortunately, standard UAC keycards only worked within the building where the cards belonged for security reasons, so I had no use of it once I exited this building.

Slipping the card into my pocket, I continued my stealthy surveillance.

I stopped for a moment, sweating like a pig. The awful heat was killing me, so I decided to digest a 'hot climate adaptor pill'.
I flipped up my helmet and gulped down the pill. It tasted awful and a short wave of nausea swept over me. I felt a short chill and then it seemed as if the temperature was dropping. The awful heat had dropped to a more acceptable level. The nausea had gone and I felt that I could carry on without getting exhausted too quickly.

Searching the big hall before the upside down crucifix, I found a strange big, red tile in the corner of the hall. Examining it I saw that it appeared to be made of solid blood. It had a weird symbol on top of it that looked like a half-drawn pentagram. I stepped curiously onto the elevated tile, checking the walls as the tile might mark a secret doorway – I had found a few secret areas on the Phobos base, so it was likely that there were secrets here as well. I had barely touched the tile with my foot, when I was briefly blinded by a green flash of light and suddenly found myself in an entirely different location of the building.

Surprised I leapt off the tile I was standing on – the same sort of tile that I had stepped onto before.
Several former humans, standing in the new hallway snarled at me.
"Ah crap!" I muttered to myself and backed away from them, stumbled backwards over the edge of the odd tile and suddenly found myself back where I came from – on top of the first tile.
I realized that this was a sort of teleporter – a magic teleporter created by these creatures.
In a flash of green energy, a human-like soldier stepped off the tile. I was ready for it and the creature had barely stepped off the tile before its body was perforated by a swarm of shotgun pellets, sending it into the wall next to it with a thud, splattering its organs and blood onto the gray hexagonal-tiled wall. The others would be here in a moment.

I waited for them with my shotgun pointed at the space above the blood red tile.


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