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Blue Shadow

Community Chest 2 Map20 - Archvile-jump secret

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According to that map's article on the Doom Wiki, the secret is perfectly reachable in ZDoom-based source ports. However, when I tried it, I wasn't able to reach the secret, even though I was using ZDoom. The vertical thrust from the archvile's attack wasn't enough to get me there. Was the wiki wrong about this, or was I doing it incorrectly, somehow?

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Well, in ZDoom there was a bug where arch-vile blast would send you higher than in vanilla Doom but it was fixed some time ago. So I guess now this secret in unreachable even in ZDoom unless there is some compatibility flag that can turn on the old behavior.
edit. confirmed: height of that jump is 96 but 72 is the maximum you can get.

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Thanks. I did some researching, and the issue was apparently fixed in r1745 (it was part of version 2.4.0, which was released at the beginning of 2010).

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