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Taking TAS requests

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I have a few built TAS demos in my mind, one is already started (like the first 5 seconds LOL). These are: TNT MAP17 Max, HR2 MAP19 Max, City of Doom Maxes, Back to Saturn X Maxes (when it is released). So maybe in the next 15 years...

But maybe you would like to see something in particular? Then let me know. Complevel 2,3,4 only, a strong preference for Max/Fast/Tyson. Estimated speed of manufacturing: 2 minutes of a demo per month.

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Vile Flesh map04 max would be interesting to see, I think I even said this in the textfile for my old demo. And you should be able to build it in 2-3 weeks. :)

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2 or 3 days ago I watched a couple of MAP04 demos. Also played it a bit by myself. Today I officially started building. Nice choice, even though it is difficult to go wrong with Vile Flesh. BTW, I didn't remember your demo commentary at all.

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